The Beginning School at Charles Wright Academy

Where your child will be known, challenged, and nurtured

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Young learners are joyful

Experiential learning and play captures imaginations and captivates intellect.

We put an explicit emphasis on play-based learning so your child grows as a citizen of our community.

Your young thinker will be nurtured with a vibrant program anchored in authentic learning experiences.

Young learners are powerful

Our Beginning School program empowers your child with meaningful social, emotional, physical, and cognitive experiences. Our program is rooted in Whole Child Learning and recognizes that children are fully capable participants in their own learning.

Your child will be empowered to be persistent, focused, thoughtful, and compassionate.

Young learners are curious

The CWA campus offers young learners spaces to engage authentically in experiential exploration and learning. Children learn how to learn while immersed in the outdoors.

Your child will be a steward, communicator, collaborator, innovator, and thinker.

Program Details

They are capable

Children develop skills that reinforce engaged learning, communicating, and taking on challenges. 

Your child will spend time in our Atelier engaging in their own curiosity. Imagination, collaboration, innovation and community building will contribute to a lifelong love of learning.

How to Apply

CWA welcomes applicants turning 30 months by August 31.

Preschool students on the playground
Atelier Play

The Atelier

Our Atelier is a place where children research, invent, and develop empathy. It offers children many different ways to share their thinking about the world around them.

This innovation space is the first of its kind in the South Sound.

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