+  Asks great questions

+  Evaluates evidence critically

+  Considers multiple perspectives

+  Draws conclusions rooted in evidence and sound logic

+  Reconsiders their thinking in light of new information

+  Able to move between and connect disciplines

+  Identifies needs and opportunities

+  Applies existing tools to new problems

+  Builds on existing ideas

+  Develops original work

+  Solves problems creatively

+  Turns a vision into reality

+  Works effectively with others to achieve goals

+  Knows how to lead, how to share leadership, and how to follow

+  Builds on the ideas of others

+  Engages in healthy conflict

+  Understands their impact on others

+  Builds strong connections with others

+  Communicates in many different forms

+  Practices effective listening

+  Expresses ideas clearly

+  Taps into their unique voice and perspective

+  Communicates effectively for varied purposes and audiences

+  Gets curious about new challenges and opportunities

+  Translates curiosity into self-directed action

+  Takes appropriate risks

+  Seeks to understand others’ experiences

+  Able to shift cultural perspectives as appropriate

+  Learns from failure

+  Takes responsibility for their impact on the world around them

+  Works to make their communities a better place

+  Takes action for the welfare of others

+  Cares for their own health, energy, and well-being

+  Driven by a vision for change

Our students and alumni represent a broad range of academic, artistic, and athletic aptitudes and abilities. The common attributes they share are a motivation to learn, desire to work hard and persist in the face of challenges, willingness to cooperate and engage fully in the life of the community, and a generally trusting and respectful attitude toward teachers and classmates.

Since the first class convened in 1957, Tarriers have been encouraged to solve problems, to think deeply, to collaborate respectfully, to be stewards of their communities, and to find joy in the pursuit of their passions. Charles Wright Academy strives to develop in each student the key attributes from our Portrait of a Tarrier.